Functional Movements.  High Intensity.  Constantly Varied.

The CrossFit approach is to embrace, study, practice, and train for functional mastery. CrossFitters at every level are on the same path - moving from functional competence to functional dominance.  No matter your background or your objective, your body is made to be able to do simple tasks:

-  Lift things;

-  Run;

-  Jump;

-  Throw;

-  Etc.

Those are things that are trained by practicing them specifically, and not by trying to subdivide them into smaller blocks and then trying to add them together.  CrossFit will get you to your objective faster than any other training protocol because it uses the natural mechanisms of your body.  You will understand how your body works, and then you'll be able to use it to its full potential.








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Mechanics.  Consistency.  Intensity.

Those three words govern our fitness facility.  

First, learn the movements.  - Mechanics 

Practice them.  Again and again.  - Consistency 

Then do them faster and with a purpose. - Intensity

In order to get you to be up to par when you start our group classes, we have set up a series of classes to show you everything you need to learn: CrossFit 101.  Taking course over 2 weeks, 3 classes per week, they consist of a mix of lectures, in depth teaching of basic movements, practice and actual training sessions.  All this to get you to:

-  Learn the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit, and more;

-  Practice those movements in order to get them to a point where you can consistently perform them in a safe way;

-  Incorporate those movements safely in workouts.

All of this is done gradually in order to give the new members time to assimilate the movements and time for their bodies to recover.  At the end of these two weeks, you will be able to participate in our regular classes without fear of injury or lack of knowledge.


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