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This is where the magic happens...

Functional Movements.

High Intensity.  

Taught the right way.




Everyone has to do it! It's that simple. If you want to participate in our regular classes, you will have to go through our CF101 program. 6 sessions, 30-45 minutes each. You will learn a ton, and even if you don't join for a longer period than the actual CF101 period, you'll still benefit. You'll learn how to perform the basic movements, like the squat, and some more advanced ones, like the clean.

Want to do it in private at your convenience ?  This can always be arranged.  Don't waste any more time, talk to one of our trainers today!

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This is where the magic happens.  Groups are of 12 people maximum to increase per-person supervision, so that you get the coaching you deserve.  In pure CrossFit tradition, every workout is indefinitely scalable.  That means you're going to get the best version of the workout for you.  The coach is there to help you with the scaling, as well as the execution of the movements and the intensity.  

One or another movement is a bit foggy in your memory?  Feel free to ask the coach to help you out.  That's what they're there for: to help you get the results you want, injury free.

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Want to get tips on some movements?   Want to get that extra edge? Want to increase your fitness level?  You have specific goals that you think would be better achieved with the help of a professional ?  This is for you.

You will get tailor-made programming and professional advice to get to your objective as fast as possible.


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Want to train with a friend ?  Want to get that extra boost of personal training and want to include a partner ?  This is the way to go !

Semi-personal training is 2-on-1. One coach, 2 athletes working together. You get the same tailor-made approach, but you get to share it with a partner.


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You and some friends want to have some CrossFit classes just to yourselves?  Maybe a sport team, or co-workers?  Let us know!  We'll set something up for you!


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